Operations Management can be described as being concerned with planning, organising and supervising. Nordic Freelance offers Freelance Operations Management for most types of business.

Being an integral part of any business, whether you are just starting out or you’ve been in the game a long time, Nordic Freelance can help you.

We have experience in people, project and planning management, which are all important parts of a businesses core structure.

Nordic Freelance have helped organise teams, work policies, as well as schedules, and where and when workmen attend client properties. Our experience, and constant want to prove ourselves will ensure that your needs are met.

Working with all types of software from Oberlo, Shopify, Microsoft 365, Facebook and Google – you can rest easy knowing your business is in good hands.

You can contact us by email at: hello@nordicfreelance.com

Or write to us at:
Skyttevägen 2a Lgh 1303, 74450 Morgongåva