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Operating online; it doesn’t matter where you are.  We work with clients from America to Australia, all from our Europe office.

Easy to work with

Nordic Freelance makes working with us easy.  Always contactable, we ensure your queries are answered as fast as possible.

Easy Billing

We pride ourselves on our easy billing process.  Multiple ways to pay, invoice emails and accounts support.

About us

New identity. Built on years of experience.

From owning companies; being a company director, operations manager, HR management, accounting and all the way through to just casual customer service and social media management: Nordic Freelance has the perfect experience to help you and your company.

We have managed call centres, off-track bookmaker stores and retail stores.

At Nordic Freelance, we also have extensive knowledge of major systems being used by companies around the world. Xero? Done it. Shopify? Done it. Dropshipping? Yep. WordPress? Also yes.

We are confident that we can assist you with all your needs.

Microsoft365GoogleEPOSmacOSWindowsiOS. We have experience working with or on all of these and more.

Explore the services we offer in-depth under our ‘Services’ tab above.

How we work

A few things we’re great at

It’s hard to highlight just 6 things we’re great at – but these are our top picks by our customers when hiring Nordic Freelance.  See what else we can help you with under the ‘Services’ tab above.


An integral part to any business. We know how important it is, which is why we have ensured we expert experience in this field.


HR is important whatever size of your company.  Nordic Freelance has great experience in people management.


No matter if you’re a small or big fish in the pond, having a general manager can help with all sorts of aspects in a company.


Having an EA can be really beneficial if you’re running a business. We have experience in this field, and can help you and your business.


Customer satisfaction is key, especially when combined with Social Media.  Let Nordic Freelance handle your customer service.


The rise in Social Media use by companies is something you don’t want to be behind in.  With so many benefits, let us help you.

Wake Up

Waking up the same time each morning, and following a routine of getting ready for the day ahead gives you enormous gains.


Having set times you work, even when you run a business yourself is important.  You need rest, to spend time with family.

Productivity Increases

Put these together, and you’ll see your productivity increase; and you’ll have a boost in your step and business.

The secret of success

Having a well balanced work and home life that you keep to – enables you to succeed in whatever it is you want.


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Client testimonials

Here’s what some of our clients have to say about their working relationship with us here at Nordic Freelance.

Ryan is great at creating policies, managing customers and social media for my online stores.  He is thorough, always happy to help and never afraid to offer ideas up.

peran white

I worked with Ryan at GVC (Ladbrokes Coral) when he helped out with the LGBTQ+ and Steerco forums, thanks for your support, ideas and effort.

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Find out how we can help you. You won’t regret it!

Our management team

Our management team have an important role within the company, offering services themselves.  Each member of the team has an important function, and commonly carries out more jobs than required.

Ryan Boman


Kyle Boman


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